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IT & Telecommunications Recruiting

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IT Recruiting

C++, Java, PHP… it’s no surprise that human resource professionals need an interpreter to decode the skills of prospective IT candidates. Let Hudson be your translator.

Filling jobs in IT requires more than an understanding of programming languages, hardware, software and data management. It requires expert IT recruiters who can also assess the culture of an organisation and how a particular candidate fits within that environment. That’s why Sweden’s top IT companies partner with Hudson to find the right candidates. Our specialty is partnering with your human resources department, understanding your recruitment goals, and finding the right combination of skills and personality in an IT professional to integrate seamlessly into your business.


Telecommunications Recruiting

Telecommunications is not an industry that stands still. It’s survived through some difficult years and experienced considerable changes such as globalisation and ever-changing needs of consumers and businesses. To add to it, the lines between telecommunications, IT and media are increasingly blurred.

The bottom line: In order to thrive in the 21st Century, telecommunication companies need flexible and adaptable telecommunications professionals. That’s why we offer a complementary Business Attitudes Questionnaire evalution for all your shortlisted candidates – to ensure you not only get the candidate with the right skill set, but also the right attitude for your changing industry.

Hudson is known for its strength in telecommunications recruiting, counting some of Sweden’s top telecommunications companies as our clients. Our deep industry experience has resulted in an extensive network and a genuine understanding of the various stakeholders’ needs. And candidates know it. That’s why Hudson is often the go-to recruitment agency for top telecommunications professionals looking for new challenges in the industry.

Did you Know?

To ensure objectivity, Hudson offers the Guaranteed Double Assessment meaning two certified assessors run our assessment centre.

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