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Second Opinion

Quality check

When you need a quality check
of your candidate
When a company needs an objective and outside point of view for internal or external recruitments, Hudson can offer a service called “2nd Opinion”.

This service is often used when a client, or in some cases an external recruitment company, has found one or more candidates that they think are suitable for the actual role but that they want to evaluate objectively before a decision is made.

The reasoning behind this could either be that the client wants an extended support for the decision or that there might be questions that hasn’t really been answered during the recruitment process.

Hudson’s 2nd Opinion includes analysis/tests that the candidate conducts prior to the meeting or in the Hudson’s office in connection to the meeting and a personal meeting with a Hudson consultant where the candidate receives feedback on the analysis/tests and where the consultant conducts a competency based interview. The competencies relevant for the role are selected by the client or suggested by Hudson.

 In a 2nd Opinion the following components are included:


A competency based interview with a Hudson consultant

Together with the client relevant competencies are selected from the Hudson’s 5+1 Competency model. Some of these are given extra focus in the competency based interview where the questions are designed to generate concrete examples of the specific competencies and give the consultant an overview over the candidate’s abilities.

A personality profile (BAQ)

The profile is completed online before the meeting and the result is compiled from the competencies selected by the client. For higher positions a comparison can be done with the Hudson “Senior Leadership Profile”.

A motivational analysis (MDQ)

The analysis is completed online before the meeting and the result is compiled according to a pre-defined motivational profile relevant for the role.

Reasoning test

The relevant reasoning test is completed either online before the meeting or in Hudson’s office in connection with the meeting. Depending on the role we can propose a suitable test – verbal, numerical or abstract.

I addition to the feedback the candidate is given regarding the analysis/tests, he/she also receives some material to bring home directly after the meeting. For the client the consultant presents the result of the 2nd Opinion in a written report that includes perceived potential for the role, strengths and challenges for the candidate and a conclusion of the personality profile, motivational analysis and possible reasoning test – all related to the role in question.

In a 2nd Opinion service where two or more candidates are evaluated for the same role a general comparison between them can be done regarding the results of the different analysis/tests.
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