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Outplacement Services

Treat your employees well – even in difficult times

Our approach is professional,
caring and completely tailored
to meet your requirements

Redundancy is an emotional experience for employees and employers alike, and can have a tremendous impact on your organisation's standing depending on how such events are handled. Hudson’s Outplacement Services are an effective method for separating employees from your organisation. Your organisation can also feel confident that you are communicating a strong message about how employees are treated in even the most difficult of times.

Hudson’s Outplacement solutions assist you to transform your organisational performance through people. We guide you to implement your transition initiatives in line with your values, reducing risks associated with change, and protecting your brand.

At Hudson we believe the implementation of strategy is reliant on the effective management of change and clear communication throughout the transformation process. As a leading provider of innovative and effective outplacement solutions, we can help you plan and execute an optimal approach to respond to the many challenges faced by organisations undergoing change.

Our approach to outplacement is professional, caring and completely tailored to the requirements of our clients and participants. Our services are tailored according to the needs of each participant and differentiated by seniority to reflect the requirements of employees at various levels within your organisation. Impacted employees undergo a tailored program, where they are assisted on an individual level by a career coach until a satisfactory outcome has been achieved.

Hudson has built a reputation for:

  • Successful partnerships with organisations of all sizes
  • Seamless links to our recruitment consultants
  • Successful management of change projects in the private and public sector
  • Innovation and partnership with our clients
  • Fast and effective results for our participants
Did you Know?

Hudson is able to customise graduate recruitment programs to better fit your needs.

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