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Flexible Assessor Programme

Tap into Our Recruiting and Assessment Expertise – When and Where You Need It

All of Hudson’s assessors have
passed our rigorous induction
and training programmes

When you experience recruiting peaks or just want to infuse your team with the latest best practices, Hudson’s Flexible Assessor Programme offers a cost-effective way to leverage highly skilled recruiting and talent assessment experts for a set time period.

Hudson has a pool of over 200 approved Associate Assessors ready to act as an extension of your team at any phase of your recruitment and assessment processes. All have passed our rigorous induction and training programmes and have proven expertise in assessments, competency-based interviewing and volume recruitment.

Before any assignment, our associates are thoroughly briefed on your company’s culture so that they may better assess and select the candidates with the right competencies to meet your needs.

We act as your partner to manage your campaign resources and provide a seamless, scalable, effective and efficient service that includes:

  • CV screening
  • Telephone interviews
  • Competency-based face to face interviews
  • Role plays
  • Group assessment
  • Psychometric test administration and interpretation
  • Assessment centre management
  • Development of interview guides
  • Administrative support , for example booking interviews, application screening
  • Recruitment training of hiring managers and HR

Regardless of whether your assessment process has been designed in-house or not, our assessors will employ best practices and will constantly seek to identify opportunities for improving systems, processes and the overall effectiveness of your recruiting department.

Did you Know?

Hudson is known for filling difficult-to-fill vacancies that require unique skills and for finding specialised candidates.

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