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Motivational Drives Questionnaire

Do you really know what your employees want? With Hudson you can measure employee motivation

The Motivational Drives
Questionnaire is a powerful tool
for hiring, assessing and developing

Employee performance is not only determined by what a person can do, but also what he or she actually wants, which in turn motivates performance. And we all know, motivated employees are happy and productive employees.

But how do you measure an individual’s motivation?

To answer this question, Hudson has developed the Motivational Drives Questionnaire (MDQ), an online test that measures the drivers behind employees performance. This state-of-the-art survey is based on the most recent motivational theories, including the "self-determination theory". It measures 15 dimensions of personal motivation, which makes it a powerful tool for hiring, assessing and developing employees.

Did you Know?

As part of our hiring process, we evaluate each short-listed candidate through our Business Attitudes Assessment tool at no additional charge to you.

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