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Why Hudson?

Recruiting the best people isn’t a boast…it’s a promise

We blend talent management
and recruiting expertise

Clients and candidates alike have many choices when it comes to engaging with a professional recruitment company. But at Hudson, we think there’s only one choice.

The Hudson Difference is the promise we make to provide a superior employment experience whether we are engaging with an organisation or a candidate. It all starts with our commitment to conduct business powered with the H factor: Hudson provides added value through the whole chain of talent management - Attract - Select - Develop – Retain.

We are experts, working with an advisory approach and act objective.

  • Expertise - We know our clients and candidates industry & function.
  • Advisory - Through our experience we are always consultative with our knowledge towards our clients and candidates, even if they are not our client or candidate today.
  • Objective - We always ground our recommendations on facts (our tools), expertise (our sector/functional knowledge) and experience (our global track record).

While our competitors think recruiting is an art, we believe it is also a science. Unique among all other recruiting agencies, we have our own Research and Development team, dedicated to uncovering the best ways to attract, select, engage and retain talent. We work hard to dig deeper in the evaluation process than any other company.

Our psychologists, linguists, economists and technologists have come together to create proprietary tools that scientifically determine the right fit for clients and candidates. Only tagging top candidates in our system allows us to short-list with confidence and significantly reduce the element of risk from the hiring process.

Unlike other firms, we know key industries and critical job functions firsthand because we have worked in them. Hudson’s HR consultants in Sweden aren’t just kids out of college. Our seasoned professionals partner with clients to assess their true needs and deliver customised recruitment solutions, the way only an insider can.

With a global footprint that allows us to tap into an enviable pool of highly qualified candidates, Hudson is opening opportunities the world over for businesses and job seekers alike.

Whether you are an employer or candidate, find out how the Hudson Difference can work for you. We promise you’ll be glad you did!

Did you Know?

At Hudson, our recruiters are more experienced. We only hire those with five or more years of recruitment experience.

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