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Hudson’s Guide to Prepare for an Interview

Set yourself apart with
strong interview skills

Tried and True Interview Techniques

Congratulations on winning the interview with our client! Now, take advantage of our interview tips to do your very best.

Great interviews depend on:

  • Preparation
  • Enthusiasm

Do Your Homework

Here is some valuable interview advice: Prepare, prepare, prepare!
  • Make sure your consultant provided you with a detailed job description, an understanding of your team or department, and information about the organisation
  • Conduct additional research about the company. Internet research, company and competitor websites, annual reports, and industry periodicals can all assist. Know the firm’s products/services, size, locations, financial standing, competitors and growth potential, as well.
  • Know exactly where you are going for the interview and leave extra time to get there
  • Dress conservatively and pay attention to grooming
  • Know the interviewer’s full name and title
  • Know which skills and competencies best demonstrate your ability to do the job. Refresh your memory about past employers as prior experience will come up.
  • Be ready to convey why the role appeals to you, what you bring to the role, and what special qualities might differentiate you from your competition
  • Prepare your interview questions. By asking intelligent questions about the company, you have another opportunity to impress.
  • Also ask interview questions that confirm the company is a good match for you! For example,
    • What would a typical day include?
    • Why is the position available?
    • How would you describe the company culture?
    • Is there opportunity for career growth?
    • What training programmes does the organisation offer?
    • What sort of people excel in this team/organisation?
    • How is the company positioned against the main competitor?
    • Are there plans for company growth or expansion?
    • What three traits would make someone successful in this role?
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