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Accessibility Statement

All Hudson websites using the “hudson.com” domain have been designed and developed to achieve Priorities 1 and 2 of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (AA compliance).

Our accessibility programme is part of a continued development process and will continue to drive the way we develop our online presence. Below is an outline of the steps we have taken to ensure we achieve the checkpoints outlined above.


Navigation is based on JavaScript, but all pages are accessible without JavaScript.


All pages are usable when scripts, applets, or other programmatic objects are turned off or not supported.


Some links use title attributes to describe the link, while titles are written to make sense of context.


Every image conveying information uses ALT attributes to describe the image in text format, enabling screen readers to read it. Decorative images contain empty ALT attributes.


If you don’t have software/plug-in to display PDF documents, you can use Adobe conversion online tools or download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Foreground and background combinations provide sufficient contrast and colour difference to enable colour blind users to make senses of the sites.


The size of all text is defined in relative units, so its size can be changed using standard browser tools.

To change text size;

  • Mozilla, MSIE: Hold CTRL key and roll mouse wheel, or use menu item view/text size
  • Opera: Hold CTRL key and roll mouse wheel, or use menu item view/zoom


  • Online Lynx viewer allows users to see pages without images/styles/scripts.
  • Jaws Screen Reader is the world’s most popular screen reader and works with your PC to provide access to software applications and the Internet.
  • Adobe conversion online tools convert to text Adobe PDF files in English and most Western European languages.
If you have any questions or comments regarding the accessibility of any of Hudson’s websites please email us at webaccessibility@hudson.com and a member our team will respond.

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